Saturn Series

The 72-cell polycrystalline photovoltaic module.

OUTPUT: 330 – 350 WATT

The 72-cell polycrystalline photovoltaic modules of the Saturn series are versatile products. Suitable for a large number of uses, from residential installations to commercial or public projects, these solar panels have an output power of between 330 and 350 watts. Designed to provide satisfactory performance in all types of weather conditions, this photovoltaic module is mounted on a 40 mm anodised aluminium frame, ensuring low weight and high resistance. The 3.2 mm anti-reflective glass optimises the panel’s solar radiation performance.


Guaranteed positive output selection 0 ~ +5 Wp by single measuring

3.2 mm anti-reflective glass

Maximum 5400 Pa snow load

Maximum stability trough aluminium soft grip frame

15 years manufacturer‘s warranty
25 years linear performance guarantee
Saturn Poly 72 cell 330-350 Wp_Silver | WhiteDOWNLOAD

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