Intersolar 2024

19–21 june 2024, Munich Trade Fair Centre

Hall A1 Stand A1.210

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We offer solar panels that combine high performance with an excellent cost/power ratio to all of our customers – whether they are plant installers, distributors, designers.

We produce our solar panels in order to provide people with clean and sustainable energy.

Exe Solar is an Italian manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and works in the renewable energy sector, developing high quality solar panels. The energy global demand will continue to increase in the coming decades, but at the same time climate changes and scarce resources require a cheaper use of the energy supplies. Highly motivated people work with us with the purpose of redesigning sustainable energy supplies for a cleaner and better future for our planet.

Essentially our products will be an important support to the sustainable and climate friendly energy in our future and meanwhile will represent a rapidly growing market worldwide, which will be the basis for a positive development of our company. The sustainability of our actions is extremely important to us. And that is why we commit with you, to change the future positively and to pave the way for the future generations for a better coexistence between energy development and nature.
Power, efficiency, innovation.
The formula for our solar panels.

Over the years, we have developed six main models of solar panels. From monocrystalline modules with 60 or 120 cells to polycrystalline panels with 60 or 72 cells, to achieve high-efficiency solutions. Our solar panels cover a wide range of uses and can meet every market need.

Flexible and efficient, our production process also gives us the option to customise the dimensions of our solar panels according to customer requirements. This accessibility is also reflected in the attentive and effective customer service we offer those who choose our products.


We believe that solar energy is a source of clean and effective energy, capable of improving people’s lives. This is why we produce high quality photovoltaic panels, with a high rate of innovation and an excellent ratio between cost and power. Distributors and designers find in us a partner who, thanks to an effective internal structure, knows how to be attentive to the needs of each customer, guaranteeing him the ability to customize the product, flexibility in supply, quick deliveries and our assistance at every stage of the process.


Exe Solar wants to become one of the key players of the green revolution, establishing itself as one of the international reference players for the sale of photovoltaic panels, thanks to its premium quality products and attentive and effective customer service.