The 120-cell monocrystalline photovoltaic module.

OUTPUT: 320 – 370 WATT

The 120-cell monocrystalline photovoltaic modules of the Mars series feature monocrystalline cells divided into two halves, to improve performance. Organised in parallel strings, they allow enhanced shading management, thereby generating an extremely effective performance. Available in black frame and full black versions, these solar panels are mounted on an anodised black frame. The Mars series combines aesthetic appeal with an efficiency conversion of over 20%.




Guaranteed positive output tolerance of 0 ~ +5 Wp by single measuring

3.2 mm anti-reflective glass

Maximum 5400 Pa snow load

Maximum stability trough aluminium soft grip frame

15 years manufacturer‘s warranty
25 years linear performance guarantee
Mars Mono 120 cell 320-350 Wp 5BB | 9BB_Black | WhiteDOWNLOAD
Mars Mono 120 cell 320-330 Wp_Black | BlackDOWNLOAD
Mars Mono 120 cell 360-370 Wp M6 166 9BB_Black | WhiteDOWNLOAD
Mars Mono 120 cell 340-350 Wp M6 166 9BB_Black | BlackDOWNLOAD

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